How to Control Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are unlikely and unwanted housemates you might have currently. They can never be as gross and scary as other insects and pests like cockroaches, but they can be really annoying.

Bed bugs are insects that thrive in small holes, cracks or crevices in walls and floors. Generally, bed bugs like to live in dark and untidy corners or portions of the house. Continue reading How to Control Bed Bugs

The Gift Of Chocolate

Sometimes we all get stumped for ideas for gift giving. You want your gift to be enjoyed by the recipient, but maybe you have used up your best gift ideas.

Well, how about you buy chocolate. I don’t mean a box of pre-wrapped chocolate from your local grocery store, but a basket of assorted chocolate delights. If you like to make chocolate, you can make a wonderful array of different candies, such as truffles, chocolate covered cherries or cream filled chocolates. They are easy and will be thoroughly enjoyed. Continue reading The Gift Of Chocolate